Super Link, DEX trading the right way!

Snipe feature is live!

Supercharged Rewards

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Why get SuperLink?

SuperLINK is a token that rewards you with $LINK for holding and will be the native token on the upcoming limit order trading dApp. We have started with our first BETA testing snipe and take profit feature, free for users who hold 2.5M sLINK.

We will be releasing limit order trading next, which will be free for sLINK holders too! Other users will have a flat fee of 1USD in sLINK for every trade. Our contract implements Anti Whale , Anti Sniping and Anti Bot smart contract design inbuilt for Secure Asset Fund for Users!

SuperLink combines this with an innovative Auto-Liquidity feature that increases liquidity of the token rapidly. And finally, SuperLink has massive burn on a scale rarely seen in other tokens. Combine these three together and you get a power house token out of the hands of anyone, except the community as a whole.



Liquidity is locked in Mudra for 3 months and fair launch! This means the team cannot pull the liquidity and rug the project.

Money circulating

Fair Launch

94% of the SuperLink supply was seeded as liquidity. 6% is kept aside to farm LINK for marketing and development. There is no presale or private sale.

Piggy bank

Safe Auto-farming

5% of all transactions are distributed to holders in LINK BEP20. No need to claim, all distributions happen automatically every hour when you have 0.1 LINK unpaid. Use our calculator above to check.

QR code

100% SAFU LP Locked

SuperLink Token LP has been locked via Mudra Locker for 1 Month initially. The team has also decided to relock the liquidty once it unlocks. Click to view details.

Money Up

Continuously Rising Price

New mechanism is added to auto burn overflowing tax in the contract. This is done automatically without any intervention. Watch our burn address grow every hour!

Money Bag

Whale Shock Safety

New mechanism added where you can only buy a max wallet after 3 hours. Every 30 minutes, the max wallet will increase from 0.5 to 3%. No wallet holds more than 3% of token supply and no transaction can involve more than 0.5% (5M). This prevents whales from manipulating the price.


Buy Backs & Burn

Aside from auto burn, the team will buy back and burn when it's necessary. Burned forever making increasing deflationary pressure on the price making hodlers price skyrocket!

What are we working
on next?

Phase 1

  • CheckedProject Launch
  • CheckedWebsite
  • CheckedMetamask Integration
  • UncheckedTrust Wallet Integration
  • CheckedWhitepaper
  • UncheckedAudit
  • CheckedLivecoinwatch
  • UncheckedCoingecko
  • UncheckedCoinmarketcap
  • CheckedPromotions
  • CheckedDApp Development

Phase 2

  • UncheckedDApp dashboard to track sLINK info
  • UncheckedLimit orders on BSC using ChainLink contracts and integration.
  • UncheckedMore promotions
  • UncheckedCommunity charities
  • UncheckedLook for project partnerships

Phase 3

  • UncheckedMore utility will be planned for the token
  • UncheckedSuperLink printer becomes the go to passive income generator
  • UncheckedMore partnerships
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